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Welcome to Learning for All

Learning for All Courses:

Our broad learning programme offers courses throughout Buckinghamshire, supporting adults with learning disabilities to develop independent living and work skills in a collaborative and creative environment.

• gain independence

• enhance their employability opportunities

• develop their communication skills

• develop their decision making and problem solving skills

• engage with and participate in the community

• have the opportunity to maintain physical and mental well-being

• develop maths and English skills

• gain confidence to make friends and develop social skills

• acquire skills which have a positive impact on their everyday life

Our dedicated tutors and learning support assistants provide a personalised learning journey for every student that is challenging, varied and fun. All we ask from you is commitment.

We are currently providing courses online in the following subjects:

What learners say

It is good to be learning it keeps the brain going. 

Coming to my class has helped me meet new people and build my confidence.


If I was home I would be bored and start to feel lonely, in class I can learn new things and share with the others what I know. It makes me feel good I can share.


I am working on my speech and making my voice clear. My voice matters.

I was very nervous about attending class but have just got a job again attending this class has helped me improve my English skills. I still want to attend the class as I can still get even better at English.

The class is helping me use my computer, I can see my friends and don’t feel so lonely.

I am doing a cookery class and have learnt how to make lasagne which is my favourite.

Where could Learning for All take you?

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