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Community Engagement Courses:

We want everyone to be able to learn new skills and develop their confidence through our courses and workshops.

We listen carefully to what you would like to learn and support you to find the right courses to help you achieve your goals. You might be looking to learn or build on employability skills, or learn to manage your health and wellbeing.

You do not need any prior qualifications to enrol on our courses and we will support you to learn effectively. Please make sure that you let us know if you have a disability or any issue that might affect your ability to learn so that we can help you.

Please do not worry about coming back to learning if you have not been in a classroom for a long time. We understand that adults learn differently to children and our classes are small and very supportive. Even if you did not enjoy school, we are sure that you will enjoy learning now! Many learners enrol on more than one course with us.

We set up short courses throughout the year and develop new ideas all the time. Current courses (delivered by remote learning) include:

What learners say

The pressure-free, motivating, encouraging, informative, friendly and supportive input afforded to all students by our tutor, was second to none.

A very worthwhile and valuable course to have completed in improving my wellbeing and self- help.

I enjoyed the course thoroughly. The class teacher was fantastic at delivering relevant tools that we all need on a day to day basis. I’m optimistic about the future as before I didn’t know if I was coming or going. Thank you Buckinghamshire Adult Learning.

The tutor is brilliant and made me feel very welcome.

I must admit, I’ve really enjoyed linking up with other people via the internet to learn something new – it’s another skill I can add to my collection now… And also, I’ve enjoyed the process of using Google Classroom in order to submit ‘homework’ and get feedback – both from my tutor and from my fellow students… It’s all been a very new, but enjoyable experience and I certainly feel less anxious and apprehensive about joining an online class now, than I did at the beginning… So thank you for all your effort and hard work and creating this opportunity… From my point of view, it has been extremely worthwhile.

Where could Community Engagement take you?

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